NL 15th Anniversary: Night 2 of 5

Saturday, February 24, 2018 - 10:00pm

NIGHTLIGHT is turning 15 years old this month and we'll be celebrating with 5 special shows over 2 weekends showcasing SOME of our best buddies and SOME of the different types of shows that we do at the club. for us it's the beginning of our 6th year at the wheel and we're proud to be part of a chain of people keeping this excellent room for music (which has been serving the community for almost 50 years) going. long live the NIGHTLIGHT!

night two: "VOLUME presents" / VOLUME 25

FURTHER REDUCTIONS (live set) - i'm very excited to announce that VOLUME will finally host this excellent duo (which has been a major goal since their first record came out on Minimal Wave side label Cititrax 4 years ago). Shawn O'Sullivan (Led Er Est, Vapauteen, 400PPM, etc.) has played here in the past but this is his first time coming with his partner Katie O'Sullivan. they explore zones between dark wavey stuff and murky techno vibes with rad spooky vocals scattered here and there. DO NOT MISS!!!! major TIP!!!

dj SPECULATOR - it's appropriate to be hosting dj Speculator, aka William Burnett, aka Willie Burns, etc as he's been a friend to the NIGHTLIGHT from basically day one. he's a top shelf dj, excellent producer, and label boss (WT Records) but could also be found in the early days of the club driving the van for tours carrying the likes of Legowelt, dj TLR, Mr Pauli, etc. he'll be closing out the night with a dj set.

SPONGE BATH (live set) - NL/All Day staffer and local heavy hitter ripping boxes live. if you don't know, find out.

CHUCHA (live set) - another NL staffer, probably my favorite newer producer on the local scene. sets always different, always amazing.

$10 / doors & music at 10:00 / 18+ ID required

note: All Day Records in Carrboro will be selling passes for the low price of $30 to encourage people who might like to sample each of the 5 nights (or people who'd just like to show their support for the space). we'll post in these events when those tickets are available.

VOLUME is a recurring dance party with a focus on bringing live electronic acts and djs of note from other places to play here in town.

previous volume performers include: Traxx, Nick Klein, Enrique, Cliff Lothar, Stephan Blomeier, Florian Kupfer, dj TLR, dj Chupacabras, Steve Summers, Bookworms, Entro Senestre, dj Richard, Young Male, Galcher Lustwerk, Morgan Louis, Svengalisghost, Patricia, Protect-U, Samantha Vacation, Ricky Simpson, TX Connect, Bill Converse, Raphael, Bezier, Doc Sleep, Shawn O'Sullivan, WOZ, dj Speculator, ITAL, dj Dynamo Dreesen, Chase Smith, Mr. Miracle, Container, Lack, Lady Fingers, Ja'Maul Redmond/Loner.9, Paul D, Gnutron, Quench Inclusion, Cygnus, Blanket, Lazy Magnet, Sponge Bath, Sabrina, Ritual Witch Sex, Jerome, Sagan Youth, WOOdy, Solid State Entity, Nicole Misha, Julion De'Angelo, and more....