Rheji Burrell Residency: night 2 of 3

Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 10:00pm

ok, i told y'all that NIGHTLIGHT was gonna bust out with our own take on this RESIDENCY CRAZE that's been sweeping the triangle. when i think of residency, the two things that come to mind are jazz clubs and the early days of dj/dance culture. and since we're gunning to be one of the best spots for dancing around, we are going full-on old-school house music with this thing. and we couldn't have found a truer, deeper head than NY/NJ house legend RHEJI BURRELL to handle this business!!!!

Rheji will be spinning deep, creative, freaky, classic house from his own repertoire and the nu groove back catalog with a bit of disco, a bit of dancing, a bit of singing, and whatever else he wants to throw in the mix. he came out this fall and it was one of the deepest sets i've heard but it was also the type of set that had me thinking, who could possibly walk in the door right now and not find this incredibly fun. so i recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone who likes to dance, familiar with Rheji's music or not... 

for the FIRST TWO NIGHTS, Rheji will perform from 11:00 til 1:00. and will be joined by a local veteran dj who will play from 1:00 til close and an up-and-coming, young dj who will play from 10:00 til 11:00. for his THIRD APPEARANCE, Rheji will play an afternoon set on the patio as part of our MOOGFEST HANGOVER party.

for this installment, Rheji will be joined by: MIKE DIMPFL aka MIKE D and EMMA STRICKLAND aka dj DILEMMA.

night one:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1973695532894675/

day three:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1672866609422912/

wikipedia entry on voting Grammy academy member and CEO of Burrell Brothers Entertainment, Rheji Burrell below...

$10 / doors & music @ 10:00 / 18+ with ID / NU GROOVE merch available!

"Rheji Burrell is an American dance musician and music producer. 
With his twin brother Ronald (or Rhano), Burrell was responsible for creating experimental, deep house music in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Much of Burrell's house music output was on the Nu Groove record label, which the brothers founded, often under various aliases, such as 'New York House'n Authority', 'Tech Trax Inc' and 'Utopia Project'.

The brothers had a background in gospel music, and joined the group Inner Spirit as 13-year-olds. They won first place for four consecutive years in the New Jersey Teen Arts Festival, and developed their technical and playing skills on a four-track recorder. The duo earned their first recording deal with Virgin Records in the late 80s. In the early 90s, the Burrells co-founded the Nu Groove record label, responsible for inspiring and launching the careers of several major DJs, re-mixers, and dance music artists.

In the mid 1990s, the Burrell Brothers became successful producers of Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B and Pop music. Today the twins continue recording, and have branched out into film making and "Indie" record releases by working with undiscovered talent."